Mrs Gurney

Hi mrs Gurney hope you and William are having the best-est time i saw you,William and max on the last day of school william is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cutexxx


Mrs Gurney :)

I hope you are having a wonderful time Mrs Gurney with your newest member of your family. I no we all miss you very much I hope to see you soon 


from zara icon smile Mrs Gurney :)

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Visit from Mrs Gurney and Will

Hi everyone, it was really good to see everyone today. It is a shame I missed those of you who are not very well – hopefully I will pop in again to see you soon!
Love Mrs Gurney


Mrs Gurney ….

Have a great time with your new family Mrs Gurney we all can’t wait to you come back to see us all agian.


Mrs Gurney

Hi Mrs Gurney


we hope that you have fun with your new Family. Hopefully you will feel alright when you have your baby! I wonder what you might call your new baby


snowhite 100wc by nadine

As the moon was like a spot light on the sliver horse, riding over the hills, to the big as can be white and gold like sliver penny and gold pound castle as well as then snowhite got of the sliver horse and went into the shimming room where there was a 6.7 Ft TV. “oh my that so big how loud is it?” she nearly fainted on to the floor but keep her balance as the prince turn it on it was not so loud. So that night they watch the night In the museum 2

In the great 3d!

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Josephine’s 100wc

Charlotte was playing Requiem, double-time. It was then that the piano ate her. She sighed and plucked on the middle C string. The piano (whose name happened to be George) laughed and opened his mouth (the lid). Charlotte climbed out, giving George a long lecture about NOT eating people.  She sat back on her stool and sighed again, that was the 10th time it had happened today.

A few minutes later it happened again. This time when Charlotte plucked the middle C string George did nothing.

But when she opened the lid everything in the room was gone!

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100 wc Harry

There lived a little poor girl called Zoe.  Zoe, who liked to play with boys, only has £2 pocket money each year. Sometimes she did not get that much, one year she only got 50p.  After her 12th birthday she went to put some rubbish in the bin but when she lifted the lid she was sucked in by some kind of robot hand…


A year past, she managed to kill those robot hands but she did not know how she had done it but she got out of the bin just in time for a happy birthday number 13.

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100 world challenge millie w #21

But when she lifted the lid there were hundreds of brightly coloured wrapped presents saying her name on it!

She was shocked and confused. That she was me; I was delighted and amazed at how many presents there were. I was puzzled because who had sent me these presents. I wondered how they knew my name. All of my friends were looking at me in an unusual way. I just couldn’t figure it out. I opened them slower than a sloth. I looked inside the box,  I was amazed to find a microscopic magic cat called Murray.

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100 word challenge by Tilly.

Exactly a year ago it was Pandora’s 9th birthday. She was given a strange magic box which she inherited from her grandma. She wanted to know how to open it, so she asked if she could search on Google but her mum and dad said no, so it stayed unopened.

On her tenth birthday and she was still struggling to open the special, beautiful box. Her mum and dad had no luck so she’s asked her grandad to show her how. With a magic click the box opened, but when she lifted the lid there was only a strange key inside.

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