Hi Horse Chestnut Tree class
Well done on your summer performance! Will and I really enjoyed it! He especially enjoyed all the singing. And can’t wait for the time when he can join in.
Mrs Gurney (and Will)

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Josephine’s 100wc

I would like to be a Night Zoo keeper because…


  • I absolutely LOVE animals
  • I would like to find out what happens behind the zoo gates at night

I would be a good Night zoo Keeper because…

  • I know what a pigfish looks like and can draw it
  • I know what a spying giraffe looks like and can draw it
  • I already have the app
  • I know what a drawing torch is
  • I know how to use a drawing torch
  • I know what a bee dragon is and how to draw it
  • I’ll be as helpful as I can



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dragon interview by tom

This a interview of the greedy dragon who got robbed for the 10000000th time.


goblin interviewer  “What was it like to be robbed one million times?”

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100 Word Recount by William

From Kassim’s Point Of View

I went downstairs to have breakfast. While I was crunching, my Mum warned me to stay away from the dragon in the big, gloomy cave in the mountains. She said “Kassim, beware of the dragon he is very dangerous!” I promised to be careful.

On my way to school I couldn’t resist stopping at the dragon’s cave, it looked so glittery inside because there were hundreds of sparkling jewels in huge piles. I crept inside towards the darkness and I picked up three of the jewels, they looked so tempting.

Suddenly I felt the heat of the dragon’s fiery breath, so I ran as fast as I could. When I got home I could smell my coat was burnt.

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The Dragon

The scaly dragon lived on the edge of a dark gloomy forest,in a damp, dark smelly cave.

The air in the cave tasted like sweet lemons.

In it’s messy cave you could hear heavy footsteps.

Outside the cave the coldness turned hands purple in the sun set.



by Kaylah

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The Theft by Harry

From the dragons point of view.


First he said he was out surf boarding while his friend was in the cave having some of this water paper mix.  After he had finished he went to bed (for about 2 hours).  Then Kassim took five of the gems, they were all different colours red, green, pink, blue and yellow.  Then the dragon came back to find he had been stolen from, he said it was next door because they have been asking to have my gems but I say no because they will get broken.  I called the fire people to sort it out so here I am poor because of next door.

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Dragon Recount

Yesterday morning I came home and watched Dead Enders. Suddenly I heard a thunderous bang and an ear-piercing scream. Unsure of what it was I went into the treasure hoard. I soon found out what had happened; a young boy was trying to steal my most valuable jewels (the bang and scream were due to the boy trapping his finger in the lid of my secret box)! Just as I was about to pretend to eat him (I wasn’t actually going to eat him- boys give me indigestion) his phone started ringing. He asked me to wait a minute and-of course- I waited. Once he had finished on the phone he told me that he was late for tea and he had to go home. I let him go home and just as he was leaving I realized he had stolen 3 of my most precious gems. When he realized that I’d realized, he ran. I ran after him but only managed to singe his coat tails. I decided I should go back to my cave other wise I’d miss Human’s Den.

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Kassim’s recount in words

I was going for a walk to my school until I fell over on the edge of a micro cliff.

I slipped down the micro cliff and saw a big cave and I wandered what was in there so I looked in.

The first time I looked it was well it was… damp the second time I looked in I saw shiny glitter things well the third time I looked in I saw every thing AND A DRAGON!

I COULDN’T BELIVE MY EYES I WAS IN TERROR LIKE I AM NOW! All I could do now is run but first I had to pick up the glitter it is so important so I ran and got home and that’s all I could remember bye.


100 word recount max f

I am a greedy dragon and I live in a damp, dark cave. I own lots of jewels that I stole from rich people over the years. One day I was having a shower under the waterfall when I heard a loud bang from the direction of my cave. I flew over there as quickly as I could but I was too late. I did have fifty jewels but when I counted them there were only forty seven! I was very angry and I wanted to hunt down the thief as soon as I could. I flew out of my cave and saw a little boy running away, but I was too cold and wet to chase after him.

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Dragon’s Interview



“Hello, everyone this is ‘Pixie Hollow’ live with me (Elodie), interviewing a naughty, little boy named Kassim who robbed an ill, greedy dragon. We will start by asking,”

“Kassim, why did you go the long way to school, why not short?” I

“Well the bridge broke that led to the short way, so I couldn’t,” K

“I see. Why though did you steal the diamonds?” I

“Because, I I was poor and I didn’t know they were the dragons diamonds.” K

“How did you feel when you heard the dragon shivering and shuffling behind you?” I

“I felt afraid, frightened, furious, anxious and worried but I wasn’t going to let a little sick dragon get the best of me besides I could do as I liked as know adult was near me.” K

“How did you get in the cave?” I

“I bumped on a ugly, horrible rock that led me there?” K

“What did the cave look like?” I

“Well it had loads of slimy stuff inside also there was dead bodies with pink blood coming from them and there was a rock bed where the dragon lay.” K

“Thank you Kassim such a polite boy you are (well except from when you stole the gems) anyway we’ll be back in an hour for more interviews, bye.”



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